avril 28

Variations on the top Vendome

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Discover the new photos by the photographe Sébastien Joly around top Vendome... Find out more here
mars 16

Elise Anderegg was at the fashion show "Lingerie mon Amour"

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For the first time, the most famous French lingerie brand gathered in Paris to present their new collections during a unique and unprecedented fashion show to a selection of influencers and international buyers. Elise Anderegg was there... Find out more here
févr. 24

Elise Anderegg pays tribute to Chantilly lace

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Do you know that even nowadays the most amzing Calais laces are waived on the original leaver looms, which date back over one hundred years? Imported form England in the 19th century, their unique technology is still unrevalled as up tod... Find out more here
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