The brand

A tribute
to French

With their exquisite style and pastel colours, all the collections designed by Elise Anderegg pay tribute to the Parisian women. The brand has its own workshop in the heard of France where all the items are made of the finest fabrics (silk and Calais laces), The lingerie by Elise Anderegg is a true fashion accessory made to be seen showing a very “couture” sense of colour and detail. 

Elise Anderegg
The designer

Born in Switzerland, Elise came to Paris to attend a famous fashion design school and to fulfil her life-long dream: become a fashion designer in Haute couture. She launched her brand more than 10 years ago and has been its heart and soul since then. Designing fine lingerie is for Elise the perfect balance between her passion for “haute couture” and its amazing “savoir-faire”, and her love for the delicacy of lace.

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